I have tried to iron out some bugs in the chat and also made some changes to how the private messaging system functions, here's some of the changes:

  • Private messages can now be viewed and sent from a page in the user panel.
  • If the user has notifications enabled they will receive a notification when they are sent a PM.
  • Tweaked some timings with the chat, hopefully resulting in fewer lost messages.

You can still send private messages via the /pm command in chat, however now users are more likely to actually receive them.

This feature is still a little rough around the edges (for example, at the moment it will only show the newest 50 messages per user) so let me know if you run into any glaring issues or have any suggestions.

P.S. You may need to refresh the page and/or clear your cache for everything to work correctly

As the site is still in development, there are bound to be bugs. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to email them to us at dev@radionintendo.com.
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