Radio Nintendo RSS Feed Nintendo Newsen-usPHP SimpleXML, 23 Oct 2017 06:17:18 +0000Small Chat Tweaks everybody!<br /> <br /> I've made a few small tweaks to the chat interface:<br /> <br /> <ul style="margin-left: 2em;"><li>Online users visible on mobile (except in popout player)<br /> </li><li>Ability to collapse online users box (hit the little arrow)<br /> </li><li>Added an online users counter<br /> </li><li>Added buttons to quickly reply or PM a user (appears in the top right of a message when you hover your mouse over or tap a message on mobile)<br /> </li></ul>Sun, 22 Oct 2017 02:51:40 +0000Some Updates've recently pushed live a whole ton of updates.<br /> <br /> I'm going to be frank here, there are so many little things changed (in the backend especially) that I'm not sure if I overlooked any important issues so there could be a whole pile of bugs waiting to crawl out (but that's part of the fun isn't it?).<br /> <br /> A lot of the updates are months and months old but were never pushed live and I'm really bad at keeping a changelog, so I'm going to try and remember what's new.<br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 20px;"><strong>General Changes</strong></span><span class="hr"></span><ul style="margin-left: 2em;"><li>CSS changes/optimization<br /> </li><li>JS changes/optimization<br /> </li><li>Backend changes/optimization<br /> </li></ul><br /> <span style="font-size: 20px;"><strong>Blog</strong></span><span class="hr"></span><ul style="margin-left: 2em;"><li><strong>Unlisted posts:</strong> these posts will be hidden from the feed but can still be accessed with a direct link (for example the <a href="" target="_blank">April Fool's</a> post).<br /> </li><li><strong>Post interface:</strong> The interface to actually make posts was given a bit of a facelift.<br /> </li></ul><br /> <span style="font-size: 20px;"><strong>Users</strong></span><span class="hr"></span><ul style="margin-left: 2em;"><li><strong>Style changes:</strong> User profiles have had their appearance adjusted slightly.<br /> </li><li><strong>Remember me sessions:</strong> Users can now view and cancel any active remember me sessions in their <a href="" target="_blank">panel</a>.<br /> </li><li><strong>Comments:</strong> Users can now comment on user profiles.<br /> </li></ul><br /> <span style="font-size: 20px;"><strong>Notifications</strong></span><span class="hr"></span><ul style="margin-left: 2em;"><li><strong>Email:</strong> Users can now be notified of a notification by email, to do so they can enable the setting in their <a href="" target="_blank">panel</a>.<br /> </li><li><strong>Automatically mark as read:</strong> Users can now have notifications automatically mark themselves as read when they click on them, this can be turned off in the User's <a href="" target="_blank">panel</a>.<br /> </li></ul><br /> <span style="font-size: 20px;"><strong>Comments</strong></span><span class="hr"></span>You can now link to comments (currently no button or anything, but <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> is an example).<br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 20px;"><strong>Playlist Page</strong></span><span class="hr"></span>The legend for all the systems should now stick to the top of the page as you scroll.<br /> <br /> <span class="hr"></span><br /> Let me know if you find anything I missed so I can add it to the list! Also let me know if you find anything broken or acting strange!<br /> <br /> <strong>P.S. If the layout looks stange, refresh the page.</strong><br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 10px;">As the site is still in development, there are bound to be bugs. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to email them to us at <a href="" target="_blank"></a></span><br /> Wed, 04 Oct 2017 12:07:53 +0000Chat Changes've pushed some changes to the chat live today.<br /> <br /> These changes include:<br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 20px;"><strong>Commands</strong></span><span class="hr"></span>There are now commands you can use in the chat to perform various functions, such as:<br /> <br /> <ul style="margin-left: 2em;"><li><strong>/help</strong> - Shows you a list of commands available to you.<br /> </li><li><strong>/clear</strong> - Clears all the messages from your chat window.<br /> </li><li><strong>/pause</strong> - Pauses checking for new messages.<br /> </li><li><strong>/mute</strong> - Allows you to hide messages coming from certain users<br /> </li><li><strong>/pm</strong> - Send a message to another chat member without other users seeing it.<br /> </li></ul><br /> If you have ideas for other commands, please don't hesitate to share them!<br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 20px;"><strong>Opengraph</strong></span><span class="hr"></span>There is now some opengraph support, this mean that when a link is posted in the chat you may see a little more information related to it.<br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 20px;"><strong>Private Messages</strong></span><span class="hr"></span>Using the /pm command you can now send private messages to other users in the chat. Only you, the recipient and admins can see these messages. To tell if a message is a private message or not look for a small red arrow and your name in the message. <br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 10px;">As the site is still in development, there are bound to be bugs. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to email them to us at <a href="" target="_blank"></a></span><br /> Tue, 26 Sep 2017 00:36:30 +0000Change of A E S T H E T I C S<img src="" alt="image" /><br /> <br /> As of April 1st, Radio Nintendo has decided to rebrand as the Vaporstation, the internet's newest destination for Vaporwave radio. We feel like our listeners are tired of hearing the old bleeps and bloops of Mario 1-1 over and over again and decided to embrace the true feel of the 90's, which is afterall every Nintendo fan's favourite era. Starting today our stream will no longer play Nintendo content and will be playing vaporwave around the clock until the end of the millennium. I hope you all understand and welcome the change. We'll come out with more details as time goes on, but until then, catch the wave.<br /> <br /> <em>If the site still looks like the old site, refresh the page.</em><br /> <br /> <div class="spoiler"><input class="button" type="button" onclick="$(this).siblings().toggle();" value="Spoiler" /><div class="inner" style="display:none;">If you wish to listen to the normal stream you can either click the settings button on the player and hit 'Radio Nintendo' at the bottom.<br /> If you wish to use the normal theme, go to your <a href="" target="_blank">panel</a> and change the theme to 'Default' (this will require you to refresh the page).<br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 10px;">If you weren't able to tell, this is a joke.</span><br /> </div></div>Sat, 01 Apr 2017 03:55:26 +0000Happy Holidays guys, I know it's been awhile since any updates here (we've all been pretty busy) but I just wanted to wish all of you happy holidays!Sat, 24 Dec 2016 07:54:43 +0000