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Hey everyone!

Welcome to the new and improved Radio Nintendo! We have rebuilt the site from the ground up, added all sorts of features and we hope that this new site will help improve everyone's experience with Radio Nintendo.

Here is a brief rundown of some of the changes and new features:

  • We are no longer using XiinEngine and are now using 'Baconcore' a CMS being developed by Bacon.
  • We have added a new in-page player that will even continue playing as you browse around the site.
  • The design has been completely redone and there are talks of adding more themes in the future.
  • We have added a lot of new features to help make using Radio Nintendo feel more seamless than ever before.
  • Shows listed on the shows page display more useful information (will be noticable when shows are added).
  • The interfaces for hosts to manage their shows are being designed to be easier to use.
  • A whole heap of smaller changes and features.

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