Hey friends, it's Shugnussy!

Today I'd like to discuss Radio Nintendo's alternate streams. As you all may know, back in Feburary we partnered with Shinesparkers to celebrate Metroid's 30th Anniversary with the internet's first Metroid Radio station. The project has been a success so far with new content coming soon. Shortly after the launch of Shinesparkers stream, we started testing a radio stream solely dedicated to music from the Super Nintendo. We didn't formally announce this feature, we just added it to our stream directory in the onsite player. In fact, I don't think we formally announced our stream directory on our onsite player either, whoops! To access it, just hit that setting button next to the listener count, and you'll see all the available streams Radio Nintendo is broadcasting on our server.

We had a few listeners enjoy the SNES stream, however, starting today, I've switched the SNES stream to a Nintendo 64 stream, just to test some additional features. This is not permanent change, as we're looking to add additional stations to the site in the future. We'd like to know, what 24/7 radio station would you like to listen to? Should we have stations by console, game series, or game genre? What would you listen to? Feel free to drop a comment on this post, or talk about it with us in our chatroom. Please also let us know of any other issues you may have with the stream. I'm planning to launch 2 streams by the end of the month, with a possibility of more on the way.

Before I end off this post, I'd like to say that yes, live content is returning to Radio Nintendo. We have a set of new hosts ready to bring you content. Before we do however, we are still working on our onsite shows systems, and how we will distribute podcasts to listeners who miss the live broadcast. If you would like to create live audio content on Radio Nintendo, please send me an email at nintendojack@gmail.com! There is much work to be done here at Radio Nintendo, so please hang tight, and as always, keep listening to video game music!
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Posted by: Shugnussy
Mar 15, 2016
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    Sep 16, 2017
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    May 03, 2016
    Can you programming certain series to play for 1-2-hours? for example "Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior hour" or sonic hour, or *castlevania*, donkey kong country, animal crossing, and so.
    also I liked the idea of an 8bit hour(NES,GB,GBC), 16bit(SNES,GBA), others DS,N64 and NGC,Wii,WiiU,3DS.
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    Apr 29, 2016
    What ever happened to the hilarious gags that used to be one radio nintendo with the talk shows and the characters that use to talk in between some songs? It made radio nintendo feel more alive
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    Mar 20, 2016
    Is it possible to get the substations added to TuneIn Radio? Or can someone help me get it working with Custom URL?

    I'm trying to listen to Shinesparkers via TuneIn on my Windows Phone (since it rebuffers better than IE), but neither the http://play.radionintendo.com:8000/shinesparkers nor the .m3u link seem to work with the TuneIn app -- it says the URL is "unsupported"...
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      Author  Shugnussy  
      Mar 21, 2016
      I'll get the other streams on TuneIn and various other streaming sites this week!
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It's time for our first stream update of the new year. We've added several brand new soundtracks to the stream including the most recently released Final Fantasy Explorers. We've also made a change to the algorithm. This change was made in order to fix the non-concurrence of music playing due to multiple duplicated folders within our server. Thanks for stopping by and please, be sure to enjoy the brand new additions added to Radio Nintendo.

Radio Nintendo Stream Update:

Etrain Mystery Dungeon
Final Fantasy Explorers
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team [Update]
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
The Legeacy of Legend

Harvest Moon GB + Arrangement
Kirby's Block Ball
Street Fighter II GB
Lufia: The Legend Returns

Kingdom Hearts: Chains of Memories

Harvest Moon 64

Bomberman DS
Hotel Dusk: Room 215
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story [Update]
Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time

NE... (Show More)
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Posted by: Fiddle
Feb 07, 2016
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    Feb 28, 2016
    It's been a while, I'm happy RN is working once again :D Thanks guys
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      Author  Fiddle  
      Mar 05, 2016
      We're always doing our best to improve the station. We hope you are looking forward to our next stream update.