Radio Nintendo continues to provide the internet with real time live streaming Nintendo music after over a decade of online presence. With support for mobile devices, various web browsers and applications, Radio Nintendo continues onword with new soundtracks added regularly. Join us in the chat and say hello!
After a year of operations with Des, the site's operations were handed back to it's owner Shugnussy with continued development help from Bacon. With help from long time friends like Fiddle, Radio Nintendo continues to broadcast classic and current Nintendo music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
In November 2014, a plan was conjured up to bring life back to Radio Nintendo. Site operations were given to two new fresh faces in the Radio Nintendo community Des and Bacon. The entire site was redone from scratch with a new logo, new (and better) servers, along with a fresh new layout!
At the end of 2013, with GreenYoshi moving on to other projects, it was decided to hand over ownership of Radio Nintendo to Shugnussy. However after a few months under the new leadership, with the rise of alternative streaming methods like Twitch.tv, the staff were lacking enthusiasm to support the site and a lack of communication and cooperation between the staff drove the site almost no functionality.
In 2012, Radio Nintendo got a massive remodel with a new logo and site by GreenYoshi and ctr. This introduced site polls, public user profiles and a more improved interface! We also saw new shows like YoshiJames's random "Mushroom Jukebox", Gerbelbey's talkative "Talk to the Animal", and Enixn and Laclipsey's astonishing "Push Start".
In 2011, Radio Nintendo began broadcasting show's like SilverSonic's hit podcast "Silver's Saturday Show", Debaser20's informative "The Minus World", NintendoJack's musical "Tuesday Show" and IllusDark8's questionable "Game Freaks Live".
After the 'ZRN' demise, 18 months later in 2010, GreenYoshi rebooted the station, independent of 'ZRN' under the domain http://RadioNintendo.com As the new community grew, so did the DJs, shows and podcasts, starting off with GreenYoshi's very own "Live Nintendo" and later superctr's "Chip Out".
Due to the massive popularity of the site, the team's servers unable to keep up with the demand of the network, and thus 'ZRN' was forced to shut down in 2009.
In 2006, operations were handed over to Phil 'GreenYoshi' Whitehall of Xiin Networks.
Radio Nintendo first launched as part of the 'Zone Radio Network' under the leadship of Andrew Wolan, in a bid to bring the popular video game themed radio back to life.

If you have inquiries or question about the development of the website please email dev@radionintendo.com, for all other inquires please email MrJackFay@gmail.com.
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